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Trip to Russia

There are several reasons for tourists to pick Russia as their travel destination, besides many people who generally would like to learn about Russia history, several people choose Russia because it has lots of recreational opportunities and fascinating culture. Russian art is also another reason for tourists to travel to Russia. Though millions of people travel to Russia annually, some of them might be worried about their safety in Russia, but there’s no need to worry.

Russia Safety


Russia Safety - Trip to Russia

Just like any other place in the world, some unfortunate events might occur in Russian cities, but the tourist-destination cities of Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, or Kazan, are generally safe places to go. The security is tighter in these cities because of the number of tourists who travel to them every year. These beautiful cities are just like your home-town, there might be some unfortunate events happen, but they are generally safe places.

Russia Visa


Russia Visa - Trip to Russia

Before you begin your journey into Russia, you should check that if your country requires Russia Visa because many countries are required. If you need more information about this matter, you can visit the Russia embassy in your home country or check out the foreign ministry of Russia website. Keep this in mind that some travel agencies such as the Star Travel Group would apply for a Russia travel visa for their clients.

Russia Weather


Trip to Russia - Russia Weather

Though each season in Russia has its specific fans among tourists, we at the Star Travel Group recommend summer for people who want to visit the top attractions of Russia. Winer and autumn have lots of beautiful sceneries and several fun opportunities, but we recommend the first six months of the year because of the more delightful weather and the White Night Festival that happens in Russia. White Night Festival is the period that the sun never sets in the northern area, and people from around the world travel to Russia to celebrate these nights.

Top City of Russia


Trip to Russia - Top Cities of Russia

If it’s the first time that you take a trip to Russia, you should consider researching the main places in Russia, so you wouldn’t end up unsatisfied when your trip overs. Russia has several tourist-target cities such as Moscow or St. Petersburg, which each of them have a fabulous number of opportunities to offer, so before you begin your journey, we at the Star Travel Group recommend you to explore our blog and find which cities are most fit with your expectations of a travel to Russia.

Top Attractions of Russia


Trip to Russia - Top Attractions of Russia

Russia identifies as one of the rich countries in terms of having loads of tourist attractions in each of its cities, but if we have to mention some of the major ones, we will pick Red Square, Kremlin complex, Sparrow Hills, Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow, and Hermitage, Peterhof, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Peter and Paul Fortress, and Pushkin in St. Petersburg.

Best Russia Hotels


Trip to Russia - Best Hotels in Russia

We at the Star Travel Group have been operating Russia tours since 2006, throughout this time we have learned a lot about top places in Russia, best restaurants in each city, and where to stay if you want to increase the quality of your trip to Russia; using this information, we’d be able to select the best hotels in Russia for our clients based on some basic standards such as the location and the prices. Currently, we recommend the Golden Ring Hotel, the Izmailova hotel, and Aerostar Hotel in Moscow; and the Corinthia Hotel, Nihao Hotel, and Hotel Moskva in St. Petersburg.

Top Russian Restaurants


Trip to Russia - Top Russian Restaurants

Food is quite essential when you travel to a foreign country because if you have a bad meal during your journey, it might affect your trip entirely, which means bad memories from your travel. We at the Star Travel Group don’t want that, and we’ve been trying our best to keep introducing top restaurants of Russia and the most excellent traditional meals of Russia to our clients so they would have their most satisfying time in Russia with us.

Shopping in Russia


Trip to Russia - Shopping in Russia

You didn’t travel to another country unless you bring back some souvenirs with you. Russia is a big country, and there are many shopping centers inside its tourist-destination cities; we at the Star Travel Group have gathered all the necessary information about those shopping centers, so our tour leaders can offer the top shopping centers in Russia to our clients.

Star Travel Russia Tours


Trip to Russia

The most significant thing in the tourism industry that makes differences in operating tours in Russia is the experience. When you got more experience, you'll be able to operate better tours. The Star Travel Group has been managing tours in Russia since 2006, that's why we're able to say that we've got the best tours in Russia.  Our clients have several diverse choices in picking the tours, which meet their expectations; we’ve got exclusive tours in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and if anyone wants to visit both, we’ve got several offers for them as well.


Trip to Russia

We at the Star Travel Group always ready to give advice to people who want to take a trip to Russia, and our weblog is there for anyone who wants to explore and get information on attractions of Russia, top hotels in Russia, best restaurants of Russia, traditional dishes of Russia, and tips on how to travel to Russia in general.